About Us

Welcome! We are a group of students from the University of Windsor. Our team consists of Brandon Mailloux, Ghanem Ghanem, Kamaal Kusow, Kristen Swiatoschik, Patrick Carnevale, Rana Kilani, Steven Shlimoon and Zain Raza, who work with the Office of Open Learning as “Online Learning Assistants”. We’ve created this website with a goal of providing advice and tips to better help students overcome their online learning/studying challenges.

Open Learning means providing accessible, flexible, and enjoyable learning. We move towards this goal of making learning more accessible by providing resources for all students to use, no matter the degree or circumstance.

The Office of Open Learning focuses on making students’ educational experience enjoyable. We collaborate with other departments and educational professionals to provide resources and workshops to enhance the education provided at the University of Windsor. We hope you find the posts on this website very useful.