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Group work is a very different experience for every student. There will be easy times, and times where you wish that you had a different group. Whatever the situation, it is almost inevitable that you will have to do a group project at some point during your educational journey. We thought that it would be helpful to create a document for students with 5 Do’s and Dont’s when it comes to group work. These tips come from experienced University students who have successfully navigated group work using these suggestions. We have also designed a document for professors with 8 ideas on how group work can be a more positive and stress free experience for students. We hope you find either one or both of these resources useful when it comes time to either participate in a group project, or oversee a group project in class.

This document was created to help students become more efficient in their school habits, and have an overall healthier lifestyle. There are 5 easy steps that you can take to become a better version of yourself. We have also included links to resources and apps that you will find very beneficial. Enjoy!

As students, we thought it would be a great idea to have all of the possible links (in one place) that a student might need when starting school. We could not find any document like this for the University of Windsor, so we created one! It is full of links that you may find yourself looking for. We hope you find this useful! Note: To be able to click the embedded links, please press the download button below.

Smartphones are an amazing piece of technology but are they really doing more good then harm when it comes to our productivity? Find out in this quick and fun video where we talk about the distracting nature of phones and what you can do to avoid falling prey too their temptations.

In this day and age, working online is a new challenge that many people now have to face. Here is a quick and easy guide to help you get started! Within this document you will find your C.A.P.S. ! An easy way to remember what you need to know when working online. Follow these tips/steps and you surely find success in your online endeavors.

Have you been assigned a task, but are unsure where to start? Are you unable to find a guide or tutorial that isn’t complex? We have linked our eBook below that gives you information and guides on everything copyright, infographics, blogs, videos, pictures and more!

Having trouble staying organized or looking for a simple, clean and transferable way to map out your day? Here is a very short and informative video demonstrating how to simply and effectively create a school schedule for daily use on all your devices or to print and put in your notebooks. The software used is completely online for free with no account needed to access, it’s completely stress-free! Click the button below to get started making your own schedual today.