Having trouble in this new online world of education or nervous about starting your next semester online? This four page document contains several tips, tricks, and resources that will help ease the transition to online university. These learning tips will guide students to success in an online learning environment, by helping them become an effective and efficient online learner. Note: To be able to click the embedded links, please press the download button below.

As classrooms transform into a virtual format, students must also adapt to the new environment. The virtual classroom is now where students will spend their class time; it is now critical that students display proper etiquette while attending online classes. There are new social protocols that need to be enforced in order to have a smooth and successful online class. We have developed a game that will help you learn the new socials norms and what not to do in a virtual classroom. You have the opportunity to make a series of mistakes and learn the hard way about the consequences of being disruptive in your virtual classes. Feel free to use this, embed it in websites, or make your own!

Transitioning to online learning isn’t easy, but it is something that needs to be done right. When focusing on online labs, there are many difficulties that an in-person lab doesn’t face. We have created both a faculty and student checklist with various things to keep in mind when moving to online labs. Feel free to use this and make it your own!